Blackberry Torch and Mac

by admin on April 1, 2011

The blackberry Torch is a fine phone. I just helped shift someone from a Nokia E61 to a BB Torch. It would have been simple in normal circumstances but this time, the Mac’s bluetooth wasnt working. So here’s how I fixed the contacts transfer (over 1400 of them)

In the Nokia Contact Book, select ‘Mark All’ and then select Copy to Memory Card.

This exports all the contacts as individual VCards which is Apple AddressBook compatible. (This Nokia couldnt handle so many contacts at once, so I had to do it in three exports)

Now I could browse the Nokia on any bluetooth Mac and got the vcards on a USB Flash drive. It was a breeze to drag drop all the cards into the desired Mac’s AddressBook.

Now I installed the BB Software on the Mac and it automatically imported all the contacts from AddressBook to the BB.



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