Bluephone Elite 2

by admin on October 30, 2007


Mira Sofwatre announced Bluephone Elite 2Dial and receive calls.
Use your computer’s microphone and speakers like a Bluetooth hands-free device!
Phone to computer call-log synchronization
Incoming call notification with caller ID and customizable alerts
On-screen call controls and duration tracking
Search and export call details with notes
Manage text messages
.Access messages when phone is not connected
Message changes synchronize when phone connects
Organize messages in local folders
Incoming message notification
Searchable database supports 100,000+ messages
Integrate and customize.
Extendable plug-in architecture
Phone number lookup from most Bluetooth phones and Apple’s Address Book application
Integration with OS X features: AppleScript, Spotlight, Speech Synthesis and more…
Integration with Apple apps: Address Book, iCal, iChat, iTunes and more…Status menu and programmable hot-keys provide fast access from any application

(what inspires me most, is that Bluephone Elite finally makes Moto’s classic A780 Linux Smartphone compatible with a Mac!)

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