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by admin on November 20, 2007

beMobile is a special version of adapted for your mobile. If your on the move frequently, traveling or just hanging out, you can use beMobile to access movie schedules for all BookEazy partner multiplexes in Pune. If you have a BookEazy account, you can also book your movie tickets on beMobile.
A small reminder folks, beMobile is still in Beta. If you run into any defects or unusual behavior do get in touch with us so we can fix any issues immediately.
What mobile phone models work with beMobile? The basic requirement is to have a mobile phone that has support for wireless Internet (CDMA or GPRS/EDGE) and a mobile web browser. You will also require your wireless operator to enable wireless data for you.
Here is how beMobile will look on different handsets:


How do I access beMobile? Browse right here to get a feel of what it should look like on your phone. Just add the link to your phone and you’re good to go.
Does BookEazy charge extra for beMobile? No, BookEazy does not charge any thing for checking movie schedules on beMobile. If you already have a BookEazy account, you can book tickets on BookEazy exactly how you would book over the web. However, wireless data charges are set by your wireless operator.
How is beMobile better than booking over SMS? Booking movie tickets over SMS can be an extremely frustrating experience. What with all the short-forms and messaging back and forth. Considering the number of premium SMSes you’ll need to get the same kind of experience, beMobile is also way cheaper and a hundred times more reliable way to book tickets.

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