Choosing a new Mobile Phone

by admin on July 14, 2007

After going through X number of mobile phones over the last so many years, I have a simple check list of what to look for in a new mobile phone, from a Mac user point of view, apart from of course, the looks and features that I want:

1) iSync Compatile: Should work seamlessly with Apple iSyncMost Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones sync easily. Others need third party plug-ins or software. For a complete list of ‘official’ iSync¬† compatible phones, check here

2) Built-in DUN Modem support: Dial Up Networking will allow you to use your phone as a modem with your mac. A great help when you are travelling.

3) Bluetooth:  Will let you wirelessly communicate with your phone, sync wirelessly and enable Bluetooth DUN

4) J2ME : Java 2 Micro Edition, preferably MIDP 2.0. Will let you install a wide range of software like Opera Mini, Gmail Mobile, Google Maps Mobile, Flurry Mail etc. Perhaps the best use of J2ME is Opera Mini, my personal favourite web browser.

5) QWERTY Keypad: Since I spend a lot of time on my phone typing emails and blog articles, a physical QWERTY keypad is a must. I have tried touch screen QWERTY pads too, but they are a pain to type in with a stylus, when you are moving or are in cab. I prefer a physical QWERTY pad, always. Maybe I will change my mind once I type on the iPhone!

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