Easy Listening

by admin on April 28, 2008


EasyListening : Designed for really simple song transfers between iTunes on Macintosh and a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Connect your phone with an USB cable. Select a playlist or a couple of songs in iTunes and drag it to EasyListening. Select if you want to copy or synchronize it to the phone. The songs are transferred and you’re done. No more hassle with strange invisible files, terminal hacks or scripts.

On select phones, EasyListening not only transfers the music effortlessy but also the playlists. You don’t have to recreate your mixes in the phone any more. Please note that not all phones supports this, see here if your phone can use playlists.
Supported phones
More than thirty phones are recognized from the start. The full list of supported phones is here. So far, only phones from Sony Ericsson are supported but this may change in the near future. You can request suport for a specific phone or feature in the support area.
Memory Sticks
A common way to speed things up is to use a Memory Stick card reader to transfer files. No worries, the Memory Stick will show up as an ‘Unsupported device’. Click ‘Setup’, select the phone it should be used with and it will work exactly as if you connected the phone directly.
Support for the unsupported
The above procedure often also works with unsuported Sony Ericsson phones. A lot of the phones store music in the same way. Connect your phone, click ‘Setup’ and select a phone that is simliar to yours.
Music formats
Right now mp3 and m4a (aac) files are supported. Files protected with DRM (m4p) are currently not supported. This includes a lot of music downloaded from the iTunes store.

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