USB Data Modems + WiFi Router

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USB Data Modems + WiFi Router

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The D-Link DWR-113 3G Wi-Fi Router seems to work well with a number of 3G USB Dongles:

Router is fine at the price. Works with photon max dongle
steps to setup
1) Connect the photon in the usb socket of the router.
2) Connect one end of the ethernet cable into the socket of the router and second end into the ethernet port of your desktop or laptop
3) Open any web browser on your computer and in the address bar type and click enter
4) in the username field type admin and in the password field also type admin (unless you have changed the password)
6) On the main router page click on setup, click on the second option that says manual internet connection setup
7) In internet connection type, select 3g
8) In 3G internet connection type, select the following options
Dialup profile- Manual
Country- India
Telecom- Others
username- internet
password- internet
verify password- internet
dialed number- #777
authentication- auto
9) click on save settings, the router will restart in 45 seconds
10) Repeat steps 4 and 5, click on setup, go to wireless settings, manual settings
11) click on enable wireless, enter your desired network name
12) in 802.11 mode select B/G/N mixed
13) select auto channel scan, visibility status- visible.
14) security mode WPA- Personal
15) WPA mode- WPA2 only, cipher type TKIP
16) type ypur desired network key and click on save settings
17) again the browser will restart in 45 secs.
18) Your router is ready to share network


By default the wireless is unprotected remember to use wep/wpa to secure it.

To configure, connect a LAN cable after powering up the router ( you may also connect to the default WiFi SSID, but I haven't tried ), enter Login as 'admin' user. There is no password set. You can and should do it later.

In the Setup section, The Internet connection configurations are to be done as follows.

My internet connection is: 3G
Dialled Number: *99#
Authentication: Auto
APN: bsnlnet
Reconnect mode: Auto < You might want this to be set to auto, otherwise it is a pain to login at the router management page again, and at the status page, click to Connect >

Leave rest of the configuration empty, or at their default values.

I am not filling up with WiFi configuration section, but that's typical of any other WiFi router.


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