Blackberry OS 7.1 update

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Blackberry OS 7.1 update

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The BB OS 7.1 is now available for select phones.

Heres how to install it on a BB Bold Touch 9900.

First download the latest version of BB Desktop Software. Now connect your phone and the Mac. If you had not synced already, remember to sync and save a backup first.

Now the BB software will notify you of a software update for your phone. Before you install, remember to
1) save a backup of your phne data
2) DELETE BB SOCIAL FEEDS SOFTWARE. For many of us, this software was stopping our OS update.

Now in the BB Desktop software, follow the instructions for e update. Remember to switch your phone network off, as any calls during this period may disrupt the update process. Make sure you have a high bandwidth connection and tyour mac is connected to a power sorce. This process will take kover an hour and you dnt want anything to stop it in between as it may render the device unusable.

Once done, the BB will restart. All your data should be intact. The best part is, now you can use your phone as a WiFi Hotspot, of course, given that you have a supporting data plan.


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