Connect to a Motorola C350 phone with iSync

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Connect to a Motorola C350 phone with iSync

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I just bought a USB memory card reader that happened to have a mini-USB cable compatible with the Motorola C350 phone. This phone is widely available in Europe, but not yet in the US. Internally, it works the same as a C330. This is the procedure to make iSync recognize the phone. As usual, make a copy of the files you are about to modify.
Open a terminal window. Go to the directory /System -> Library -> SyncServices -> MotorolaConduit.bundle -> Contents -> MacOS. Use emacs or any binary-capable editor to modify the executable file MotorolaConduit. Assuming you're using emacs, type Control-S followed by C330 to find the string "C330." Modify the string into C350. Now type Control-X followed by Control-S to save the file and exit. Make sure you have not modified any other byte in the file.

Go into /System -> Library -> SyncServices -> MotorolaConduit.bundle -> Contents -> Resources and copy C330.tiff to C350.tiff. Edit the file USBDevice.plist, and go to the line that reads:

and change it to read:

Then launch iSync and in the Devices menu do Add Device ... I just synched my C350 with iCal, so I know this works.
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