Gizmo Project for Treo

by admin on September 30, 2007

Gizmo Project for Treo 

Now the Gizmo Project is also available on your Palm Treo:It’s FREE
FREE to download and setup, FREE to connect with all your buddies.

Chat with buddies on multiple networks
Instant message your Gizmo, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, iChat, and Jabber* buddies or call them from the application.

Configure multiple accounts
Setup your work and personal accounts and switch between them with a touch of the screen.

Audio, vibration and visual alerts
Receive an audio, vibration or visual alert anytime a buddy sends you an instant message.

Supported on Palm OS 5
Call Gizmo buddies right from the application
Your Gizmo buddy information is with you whereever you go, you can call them at any time.

Offline message reading and message history
Continue reading chat messages while offline and view all past chats in the message history.

Runs in the background of Palm OS
Start Gizmo, continue to use other functions on your Treo, when you receive a new message you will get an audio, vibration or visual alert.

Multiple Device Support
Supported on Treo 600/650/680/700p/755p, Sony UX-50, all Palm Tungsten devices, LifeDrive, Palm Zire and all Palm 4.0 or above devices

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