Gmail on your ESeries

by admin on July 27, 2007

Gmail on your ESeries

-The best option, of course is to get the Gmail app
But if you are looking for full attachment support and other mail features included in the ESeries Mail Client, then heres what you do:

1) Enable POP in your Gmail account Click on Options on your Gmail Inbox
2) Go to Messages -> Settings -> Email -> New Mailbox (name it Gmail)
-> Connection Settings 

: Incoming Email ->
– User name : your full Gmail username (including
– Password : your gmail password
– Incoming Mail server :
– Access Point in use : Your APN
– MailBox Name : Gmail
– Mailbox Type : POP3
– Security (ports) SSL/TLS
– Port : Default
– APOP Secure Login : Off

Outgoing Email ->
– My Email address :
– Username : same as above
– Password : Your Gmail password
– Outgoing mail sever :
– Access Point in Use : Your APN
– Security (ports) : SSL/TLS
– Port : 587

Thats all you need to set! Your Gmail account should start working fine now!

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by Ethan Wiener on July 28, 2007 at 12:05 am. #

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