Google Mobile App for your Nokia S60 phone

by admin on June 21, 2009

Google Mobile App gets you the information you need quickly, with instant access to Google Search, and launches your favorite Google products.
Start a search without waiting to load a mobile browser.
Search suggestions and your search history appear as you type.
Access Maps, Gmail, News and more all from one place.

Google App

Instant access to search. Start a Google search without loading a mobile web browser and navigating to With one-click search you can begin your search quickly and easily.
Search with My Location. Search for business, weather, and movie information without specifying where you are.
Google Suggest and search history. Get rapid access to your previous searches and see popular completions for your query – just click to repeat them without having to retype.
Easy access to other Google products. Launch other Google mobile products including Maps, Gmail, News and more.

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