Grocery List for Blackberry

by admin on May 5, 2012

GroceryList is simple and efficient even for large inventories. The two primary things you do with it are add items to the list for your next shopping trip and go shopping with the list.

Adding to the list is quick because you don’t re-type items you’ve added in the past. In the search box, you just start typing any part of the item you want to add. The list of matching items that appears will shrink quickly as you type until you are left with just a few or possibly just one item to select from. Items already on the list will be in black. Items not yet on the list will be greyed-out.

Double-tap an item to add or remove it from the current list, or to edit it, or to delete it altogether.

If what you want isn’t found, tap the Create_new_item button.

You can type in as much as you like for each item. It will all stay with it for next time. The item can be edited at any time.

Categorize items by adding an “@” followed by a short category name. The list will always be sorted on the category names so that similar items appear together in the list. Spaces and capitalization won’t affect the sorting. This feature will be enhanced in future updates.

When shopping, make sure you are not in search mode (leave search box empty). Tap the check boxes as you pick up each item. Clear the checked off items from the list at any time with the Remove_checked_items button. (Only visible when applicable.)

GroceryList can be used in landscape or portrait orientation.

To get you started, a number of typical grocery items are already available. They can be reused, edited, ignored or deleted and supplimented with your own new items. Five of them will have already been added to the current list just so the list isn’t blank the first time you see it.

Just a reminder: don’t leave your PlayBook unattended in your grocery cart.

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Next update: improved category handling.

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