gSync – sync Apple iCal with Google Calendar v1.2.1

by admin on April 22, 2008

About gSync – sync Apple iCal with Google Calendar
Synchronize your Apple iCal calendars with your Google Calendars. This means you can update calendars across all your Macs, keeping everyone (including wifes, husbands and significant others) in ‘sync’ with your calendar.

Synchronization works both ways…e.g. if you make a change in your Google Calendar, it will show up in your Apple iCal and vice versa.

gSync uses Apple’s powerful SyncServices technology (used by iSync, iPhone, and iPods), which means a more complete solution for when you require to update all your Apple devices and software (that supports it).

Also, gSync connects directly with Google Calendar (no 3rd party servers) keeping your data private between you and Google.

– Autosync: define when and at what intervals to update calendars
– Flexibility: use multiple iCal & Google Calendars
– 2 way sync: bi-directional synchronisation
– Privacy: sync directly to Google (no third party server)
– Apple SyncServices: gSync is based on Apple’s SyncServices allowing us to integrate with anything that uses this (e.g. iPhone, iSync, etc…)
– works with multiple Google Accounts
– works with GAFYD (Google for your Domain)

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