How To Send Stickers On WhatsApp

by admin on November 13, 2019

I generally never use Stickers, but its fairly easy to use them.

Start a new chat

Next to the text type area, find this icon for Stickers (circled in red)

Click this Sticker Button in WhatsApp to go the stickers panel.

Some of the recently used stickers may be here, like this Coffee Cup Sticker, as Favourites. You can click the sticker to send it. As simple as that.

If you want more stickers, click on the Plus sign (as circled in red) It will lead to this page full of stickers.

You can scroll and look for a sticker set you like, and click the Download button (circled in red). Or if its already download, just click to select the sticker.

Clicking on a sticker will open the whole set. Long clicking on any sticker in the set will ask Add To Favourites, as shown circled in red.

Once it’s added to favourites, it shows near your chat window. Now you ionly have to click on a sticker to send it.

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