How to write your own simple modem script

by admin on July 26, 2007

If your modem does not seem to have a compatible script under the /Library/ModemScripts folder, you can create your own, as per the instructions given on Apple Knowledge Base site:
This article describes what to do if a particular modem is not listed in the Modem control panel. 

Ideally, you should obtain a modem script from your modem vendor and place it in the Modem Scripts folder (System Folder:Extensions:Modem Scripts)(HDD/Library/Modem Scripts for Mac OSX). The scrollable list of modems in the Modem control panel corresponds to the scripts in this location.

If you are unable to obtain a script from you modem vendor, you can request a recommended initialization string to use with PPP connections. With that connection script in hand you can use the following workaround:
1. Select “Null Modem 57600” in the Modem window of the PPP control (example: AT&F0) panel and close the window. 
2. Select “Options” at the bottom of the PPP control panel.
3. Select the Protocol tab.
4. Place an “X” beside “Connect to a command line host” and beside “Use terminal window” and close this window.
5. Click “Connect”. NOTE: At this point you have a terminal window and any text input from the keyboard will go directly to the modem after pressing the return key.
6. Enter the recommended initialization string from your modem vendor followed by the return key. The modem should respond with “OK” in the terminal window.
7. Enter the command string to dial your ISP’s PPP server (example: ATDT9,555-1212).
8. Respond to the ISP server’s prompts for username and password. If the login is successful, the terminal window will close and you will be prompted to save a connection script based upon the terminal window session.
9. To use this script for future PPP connections, select the “Options” button once again in the PPP control panel. This time in the Protocol section place an “X” beside “Connect to a command line host” and “Use a connect script”. 
10. Select the “Import Script” button.
11. Select the script saved in step 8 above and click “Open”.

Subsequent PPP connection attempts will now use this custom script.

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