HOWTO: Read .Mac Mail on a SonyEricsson Phone

by admin on July 30, 2007

HOWTO: Read .Mac Mail on a SonyEricsson Phone: Full article here  

From the Tao Of Mac  

One of the interesting things about SonyEricsson phones is that they have a functional (if somewhat minimalist) IMAP client with TLS/SSL support.
However, the phones are extremely picky about the server certificates they accept, and I thought it was high time to document how to get .Mac mail over SSL working on them. I used a K750i, but this should work on any modern SonyEricsson device that has an “Encryption” option in the mail account settings menu.
Of course you can always use .Mac IMAP mail without encryption, but hey, it’s your password – you figure out if you want it to be transmitted in clear text over the internet.
The following sections detail the basic technique, which should be applicable to just about any secure POP3 or IMAP service (such as Gmail) as well as any oddball WAP/HTTPS sites you may encounter.

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