iPhone : First reactions

by admin on November 18, 2007

I finally got to test/run a iPhone. Someone got it from the USA and we unlocked it, in a simple 15 minute process. Google around and you will find tonnes of solutions to unlock the iPhone. Make sure you have WiFi at the place you are unlocking, since part of the process requires accessing the net over the built in Safari Browser.

What I loved:
-> Safari Browser. Awesome. Real fast, efficient, and perhaps better then Opera Mini.
-> Mail. Awesome. Real fast, efficient and a breeze to setup if you have a Gmail, Yahoo! or AOL Account. Else too, easy to setup and use. The mail.app on the iPhone is actually faster than the Nokia E61 inbuilt mail client.
-> Google Maps. Works beautifully.

What I disliked:
-> The keypad. Needs getting used to. I prefer a tactile QWERTY. Also, if you want to type a ‘.’ or other punctuation, you have to go to a different screen and come back to the alphabets
-> Havent figured out a way of forwarding an SMS.
-> lack of J2ME support (though I think the native apps’ performance is beter than the J2ME stuff I use on my Nokia)

What I think should be added : Apple iWorks. This is one suite that should definitely be added as the default app on the iPhone. Also support for FileMaker Pro databases and blackberry connect.

I will write more soon…

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