Nokia 6275 Reliance CDMA and Mac

by admin on October 1, 2008

 Nokia 6275

The Nokia 6275 running Reliance CDMA connects to a Mac as a tethered modem easily:

The settings are simple:

Username : your 10 digit Reliance phone number

Password: your 10 digit Reliance phone number

Telephone number: #777

Modem Script: au cdmaOne Bluetooth Adapter

Connection Speed:

PC Pitstop bandwidth Speed Test
PING: 1028 ms
Download Speed : 57 kbps
Upload Speed : 72 kbps

Full phone details are here

(iSync doesn’t work with this phone. BitPim doesn’t seem to support either. PhoneDirector MAY have support, but it’s as yet untested. Will test soon as I can manage the 18MB download. Am on the road, connected via this phone only, and the speed’s too painful and expensive to attempt an 18MB download. )

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