Nokia Lumia 820 and Mac

by admin on December 1, 2013


I have been a big fan of the Windows 8 Phone. I was able to get my hands on a Nokia Lumia 820 and used it for a couple of months. My main phone as of now is a Blackberry Z10.

Note: To use the Lumia series one must have a Hotmail/Outlook account. Else one won’t be able to use their Store.

Move contacts from your Mac to your Windows 8 Phone: There seems to be no way for the Lumia 820 to communicate with the Mac (OS X 10.7.x). All my 3000+ contacts are in my Apple Address Book. How to get them to the Lumia? I didn’t want to route this via Gmail. Luckily, I had a Nokia 5233. I searched for Apple iSync online and donwloaded/installed it. Then I synced the AddressBook with the Nokia 5233 via iSync + Bluetooth. Next, I used Nokia’s Device Switch app to transfer all the contacts from the 5233 to the Lumia 820. Syncing the Lumia 820 to my Hotmail account seamlessly transferred all my contacts to Hotmail. (Note: I cleaned by Hotmail contact list first before syncing my Windows Phone 8 and Hotmail).

Alternatively: Go to Apple AddressBook (called Contacts in Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks) -> Preferences -> Accounts -> Add Account (Its the + plus at the bottom of the dialogue box)-> Google. Adding the same Google Account on your Windows Phone 8 will transfer the contacts.

Email: The emails work perfectly fine on the Lumia 820. Hotmail, Gmail and my company mail.

Maps: The Nokia Here maps are fabulous. No problems there at all.

OneNote: The Microsoft OneNote is a fabulous cloud synced note app which can be used to make numbered lists, check boxed lists, general notes with text, audio pictures etc. Its simple and works well.

MS Office: The built in MS Office Suite is complete in itself.

Update: Much after I got the phone, Microsoft released the wonderful Windows Phone App for Mac. It syncs and/or moves media between your Mac and Windows 8 Phone.

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