Opera releases OperaMini 4

by admin on November 10, 2007

pera Mini 4 enables you to take your full Web experience and digital lifestyle with you — everywhere you go. Whether you want to access your mail, RSS feeds or bank information, Opera Mini is fast, safe and secure. Opera Mini 4 delivers several new features for quicker scrolling, navigation and page rendering. Opera Mini 4 is free, so download it now!

To download Opera Mini directly to your phone, please visit operamini.com using your existing phone’s Web browser.

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I finally got over my lethargy and downloaded Opera Mini 4. And immediately switched back to v3.

whats wrong with 4: it tries to be a regular browser. i am afraid opera has lost it.

the reason i liked Opera Mini was it compressed webpages to fit my mobile screen, and discarded excessive data.

Opera Mini 4 goes agains that very principle. it tries to present a page the way it exists. That makes the loading slower, i also pay for higher data download charges. also there is a lot of horizontal scrolling required now to view a page, something which I dont like and which was absent on the Mini 3. Moreover I hate the mouse cursor simulation. Using a standard phone like a Razr or E61, the mini 3 jump link to link was faster, more accurate and less cumbersome. If i wanted this kind of a browsing experience, the safari based browser built into Nokia is fantastic.

I just hope opera doesn’t stop making or distributing Opera Mini 3. It really is the BEST browser for mobile devices as is.

by Paramvir on November 11, 2007 at 5:57 pm. #

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