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by admin on August 17, 2007

Ever happened to you, that your smartphone crashed and you lost all your contacts? Hadn’t iSynced your contacts? Or your phone is one of those rare ones that doesnt work (yet) with iSync? Or are away from your Mac AND your mobile phone?

All your missing contact related problems are now easily solved with a small selection of online services that let you save your PIM data on their servers for FREE! All you need is a working DATA connection and SyncML on your phone.

Zyb has an amazing looking UI and simple to use. You login, a passcode is sent as an sms to confirm your number, followed by an SMS that auto saves the required settings on your phone. Once installed, you can auto Sync your phone to’s servers. When you buy a new phone, you can sync back!

Another service that I have been using for some time. Really simple to use, has a great UI and does its job well.

A service that I first started to use. It has a simple almost Google like UI and even offers Java based SyncML clients for some phones. 

4) GsmSync.netAnother rather simple but effective service.



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