Some Photography Apps for Blackberry

by admin on August 4, 2012

Simple Depth Of Field Calculator

Simple Depth Of Field (DOF) Calculator for photography.
Calculates Depth Of Field, Near Depth of Field, Far Depth of Field and Hyperfocal distance.
It does not require a keyboard.
Multiple camera formats supported. Send an email to get any specific camera model added.
User can just select the values using a slider.
Micro-adjustment buttons for precise input.
Very easy to use.
In case of feet unit, output shows the inches part separately. e.g. 3ft 2.4in
In optics, particularly as it relates to film and photography, depth of field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image.
Hyperfocal distance is a distance beyond which all objects can be brought into an “acceptable” focus.


InstaPhoto for BlackBerry® is the best Instagram like photo experience on a BlackBerry®. It allows you to choose from a library of 25 preset photo effects, including tilt shift, custom borders, color effects, grunge textures and decorative frames just like Instagram. It’s a simple and easy way to create amazing photo effects to share with all your friends via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr!

Alongside the standard photo effects, InstaPhoto also features unique photo effects such as a retro-styled poster with radiant rays fanning out to enhance your image, look at the world through a HUD of an aircraft or create mugshots of you, your friends, and pets!

InstaPhoto also simulates the photo effect of tilt shift, a process often used to simulate miniature scenes. Choose from a radial or linear distortion, pinch and adjust a simple slider, then tap and let us do the rest!


Camera Plus By WickidApps

Capture and email multiple photos quickly with Camera Plus.

We know how hard trying to email more than one picture is and that why we made Camera Plus. With it you can now capture, preview and email up to 25 photos or 5000kb’s worth of Data.

The process is simple:
1) Launch Camera Plus
2) Capture photos by clicking the camera icon/right convenience key
3) Take photos as normal and return to camera plus by pressing ‘back’ twice
4) Preview photos, remove bad ones, and email the good ones in a photo album

Camera Plus is an application that improves the mobile photography experience.

After you take photos you can edit the album and show off your photos using the preview feature.

Get Camera Plus now and spend less time sharing and more time caring.


1) Set your default right convenience key to Camera+
2) For best quality and email results, set your photo size to medium-superfine (see camera options)
3) Post to social sites like Facebook and Twitter using email-upload
4) Take lots of photos, remove the bad ones, share the good ones
5) Email yourself photos and have them backed-up and organized.
6) Save emails as drafts and send using Wifi if out-of-coverage, traveling or to reduce data charges

STORM USERS: Ensure compatibility mode is disabled.

NOTE: Camera Plus does not use data bandwidth but sending photos over email does. Please ensure you have an appropriate data-plan.


FlickrShow By Motek Americas Inc.

FlickrShow (formerly Screen Charger) turns your BlackBerry® into an awesome Flickr slideshow with amazing photos the moment you plug it in!

Replace that boring old clock with ANYTHING from Flickr! Pics by Interestingness, by User, Custom Tags and even by Location – it’s all up to YOU!

The app includes a small Battery Meter and Clock on either side of the display, which can be turned on and off at the click of a button.

Additional Options:
Choose between 10-100 pics per cycle
Slideshow Timeout – select how long to display the slideshow
Send to a Friend – show some love and recommend FlickrShow to your friends
Unlock – upgrade to full version ($1.99) and use YOUR OWN PHOTOS in the slideshow!

Pro Tips:
Set the “Enable slideshow” option so that your BlackBerry® automatically launches FlickrShow upon charging
Set to “WiFi Only” if you only want the app to work when using WiFi connection
Power sources can include USB cable, car charger, wall charger, etc.
Set your BlackBerry® on a charging station to really show off your Flickr pics
Slideshow can also be launched directly with no power source by selecting the app icon itself from your BlackBerry® desktop and clicking “Start Slideshow” at the bottom of the screen





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