Sony Ericsson Aino

by admin on November 27, 2009


The Sony Ericsson Aino supports an 8.1 MP Camera with Flash and Clear Audio. The handset has the best of two worlds with the keypad combined with an intuitive touch UI in media mode. Users can control and access media content on their PlayStation 3 using Remote Play. The Aino also introduces Media Home, an application that pulls media content on a PC over Wi-Fi to the phone automatically

It has a slide out keypad as well as an intuitive touchscreen UI. It can control and access media on the PlayStation 3 using the Remote Play. It can also pull media content on a PC over Wi-FI to itself. The Aino supports drag and drop media transfer between itself and your PC.

The phone supports J2ME which means access to a whole lot of amazing software like Gmail app, Opera Mini browser etc. Aino also has built in AGPS with Google Maps.

Aino officially supports Apple iSync via this download. Full Aino specs are here.

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