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by admin on September 5, 2007

spodtronic on nokia

 Spodtronic is a free to download Mobile Radio app which lets you listen to listen to the “best Web and terrestrial radio stations and podcasts of the world.” They have over 400 radio stations and some 500,000 podcast episodes available.  FAQs from their website:
How can I ‘see’ radio?
Imagine listening to a song of which you always wanted to know who the artist is. With our music player this is no problem whatsoever: now you get to know all the trivia concerning songs and artists, and also interesting background information, images and a lot more.
In our radio list you’ll find a load of stations from all around the world. Thanks to the data communication via 2,5/3G or WLAN you are able to listen to your favourite station wherever and whenever you want.
How does it work?
You can get our software easy and for free.
Simply download the installation file to your PC and install the needed spodtronic version from there on your mobile phone.
How much disk space does the software require?
spodtronic requires about 2,1 MB of disk space on your mobile phone.
What does spodtronic cost?
The software doesn’t cost anything! It’s for free. Merely the usual data connection rates apply*
Known issues
Before installing you might need to change the settings of your program manager as follows:  Program Installation: AllCertificate Check: Off  
Some nokia E61 and E50 with old firmware might have screen refresh problems when running spodtronic. In this case please update your firmware here.
Whom can I contact if I got any further questions?
If you can’t find the required information on the help pages, if you have problems, questions or suggestions concerning spodtronic, send us an email to support at liquidairlab.com. Or call us on +49 711 84947831
Anybody can listen to radio. Only you can see and listen to radio.

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