Tricast Mail is now FREE!

by admin on November 22, 2009

Tricast Mail makes using email on your mobile phone both easy and effective. You don’t need a smart phone to get a BlackBerry® like email experience. Tricast Mail is fast and works with your IMAP, POP3, Yahoo, MSN Hotmail and Gmail accounts. Its J2ME based, means it will run on most phones that support Java.

Tricast Mail Pro can be purchased from their site.

Main Features of the FREE mail are:

  • Unified Messaging – Consolidate all your emails onto your mobile phone; IMAP, POP3, Google, Yahoo,AOL, MSN Hotmail, Lycos, EarthLink, Juno, Mindspring, etc. Manage multiple email accounts from a single application on your mobile device.
  • Unique and intuitive user interface which is easy to understand and provides a rich, desktop-like experience.
  • Includes mini “Widgets” to show LIVE Weather, RSS Newsfeeds, and World Clock.
  • Instant Send – Sending email in the blink of an eye, similar to Blackberry. It’s as quick as sending an SMS on your mobile phone.
  • Streaming mail and compression technology saves cost on data usage and delivers the fastest ever mobile experience.
  • Fastest, “No Wait” mobile mail client. Patent pending algorithm improves mail download speed; is many times faster than other mobile mail solutions.
  • Mail Threads – In the Mailbox screen the emails are sorted by date, e.g. “Today”, “Yesterday”, or “1 week ago”.
  • URL/Phone/Email Linking. Easily create or respond to email by placing a one-touch call back to the sender.
  • Dynamic font size adjustment allows easier reading of messages.
  • Dynamic font size adjustment allows easier reading of messages.
  • Rich Text Email – View bold, underline, italic, and smiley’s/emoticons in your email.
  • Search messages and contacts. Powerful search feature to quickly find messages or contacts.
  • Address book integration with seamless access to your address book contacts from email compose, reply, and forward screens. Contacts filtered to show entries with valid email address.
  • Portable with large range of devices supported so when you upgrade your phone, you should still be able to use Tricast Mail.

The Pro Features

  • M – Chat with friends on the MSN, Google, and Yahoo networks.
  • Advanced attachment viewing. WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PDF, and Images (JPG, PNG, GIF) supported.
  • Attachment Upload.
  • PUSH Mail via IMAP4 lemonade profile.

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