TWUIK | Powerful UI technology for your JavaME applications

by admin on July 24, 2007


 TWUIK™ Rich Media Engine (RME) is an UI technology that brings dazzling graphics, vibrant animation, engaging rich-media user experience and advanced interactivity to mobile application development for seamless deployment across an ever-wider range of supported J2ME devices. TWUIK™ enhances navigation, graphical display, and device functionality – all while reducing development cost and speeding time-to-market of new applications. TWUIK™ powered application makes your content and services available to the widest range of handsets without having to specifically re-develop for each specific handset, thereby reducing the cost of the development.    
TWUIK™ is developed for J2ME devices and purposely optimized for the constrained environment of mobile devices. TWUIK’s unique, flexible, modular architecture allows it to be easily integrated with low-level hardware, operating system, and software functionality.
TWUIK’s cross-platform capabilities bridge the gap between different makes and models of handsets, making it possible for wireless operators and handset OEMs to enrich service offerings, maximizes expressiveness, and creates a customized, branded user experience that is uniform across all devices. This in turn simplifies the user experience, enables easy discovery of content & services, encourages consumption, promotes brand identity, and creates service/device differentiation. By providing rich and visually appealing UI and more compelling mobile consumer experience, TWUIK™ dramatically boosts the consumption and stickiness of mobile content and applications.

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