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vimoMail is a Java mail client for small devices such as phones, PIMs and other handheld computers. vimoMail lets you access your mail the same way you do on your personal computer and makes it easy to send and receive email while you are on the go.vimoMail has a lot of big features in a very small package. You can access your email using either POP or IMAP, send mail using SMTP, with or without authentication, view URLs embedded in emails, and quickly manage your inbox with just a few key presses.vimoMail works hard to make the email experience fast and easy.


By carefully managing network usage you are guaranteed that you’ll use as few of your minutes as possible and you decide when vimoMail uses network time. Check your mail as often or as little as you want. vimoMail will never connect to the network without your prompting.FeaturesRead your email on any MIDP 2.0 compliant phone.Use your Gmail, Yahoo Mail or AOL Mail right from your phone.Check email using POP or IMAP.Send email using SMTP with or without authentication. Great for road warriors.Easily browse to URLs embedded in messages.Read previously downloaded messages without connecting to the network. All mail is stored on your phone.Any changes you make to your inbox are synchronized the next time you check mail.Built in address book that grows as you go.Browse any subscribed mailbox using IMAP.RequirementsvimoMail requires a J2ME compliant device that supports MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1. If that sounds like Greek to you, I recommend you just try to install it from the Download Page. That’s the easiest way to tell if vimoMail will work for you.You can also find a (growing) list of phones on the Download Page that vimoMail is known to work on. vimoMail 1.x is available for purchase for roughly USD 9.00.  vimoMail is written by Jason von Nieda

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