Wish Moto offered me this phone:

by admin on August 28, 2007

Wish Moto offered a phone like this:

Today If I need to buy a decent smartphone, Moto doesnt offer me one. Nokia has the E61/61i/95, Sony Ericsson has the P990i and the W900 series, Samsung has the BlackJack, Blackberry has them all, so does Palm. Even Apple has one now. What does Moto have?

The Q? Sorry, but it doesnt excite me.

Firstly its yet another device with Windows. The Blackjack looks better. So does perhaps the Palm. And a gazillion other devices that run Windows. There’s the never ending list of HTC too.

What I would love Moto to offer me is a sexy number, like a Razr meets a Blackberry Curve, running on Linux, with the following features:

– 3G/EDGE/ Available Unlocked as well

– WiFi

– Qwerty Keypad (the real one, not a virtual one)

– Expandable Memory (of course)

– MS Office Document Support : View and EDIT/Create New

– PDF Reader

– J2ME Support


– Bluetooth

– iSync Support

– Bluetooth DUN with a Mac

– Push Email

– Ability to save SMSs as text files and send them across to the Mac

What else? Cant think of anything else at the moment. I once had a Moto A780 and loved its robust OS. Unfortunately there was only so much that one could do with it.

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